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List of active participants

List of participants will be updated frequently to provide up-to-date overview of all conference participants and the state of the review process of their abstracts.

The authors were sent the information about their paper acceptance/rejection via the system EASYCHAIR on 22nd June 2016. In case you did not get the message, check your SPAM box or contact the organizers.
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EasyChair ID Participant name University Tile of contribution Abstract accepted Review Payment received
1 Vrbova Lucie University of Economics in Prague Empirical research of restricted criteria range for multiple criteria transformation in public contracts Yes No
2 Kalina Jan The Czech Academy of Sciences Some robust distances for multivariate data Yes Yes Yes
3 Zimmermann Karel Charles University One Type of Activity Synchronization Problems Yes Yes Yes
4 Litva Dusan University of Economics in Prague Sustainability of Fiscal Policy in Czech Republic in 2016-2020 Yes No
5 Bernatik Werner Silesian University in Opava The utilization of Break-even-point diagram (BEP) in economic practice Yes No
6 Bílková Diana University of Economics in Prague Trimmed L-Moments in Modeling Income Distribution Yes Yes Yes
7 Horniacek Milan Comenius University in Bratislava Recursive Core of an OLG Economy with Production and Comprehensive Agreements Yes Yes Yes
8 Buczek Aleksander University of Technology, Wroclaw Accelerated time failure model for legal merger time to completion Yes Yes Yes
9 Pražák Pavel University of Hradec Kralove Dynamics Model of Firms' Income Tax Yes Yes Yes
10 Lipovska Hana Masaryk University Deflationary spiral in the European Union Yes No
11 Jähn Hendrik Chemnitz University of Technology Selected Problems of a Performance Analysis Approach for networked Production Structures and their quantitative Solutions Yes Yes Yes
12 Piasecki Krzysztof Poznań University of Economics The intuitionistic fuzzy investment recommendations Yes Yes Yes
13 Hřebík Radek Czech Technical University in Prague Optimum Clustering of Macroeconomical Changes Yes No
14 Šlaichová Eva Technical University of Liberec A Computer-Based VBA model for optimal spare parts logistics management in a manufacturing maintenance system Yes Yes Yes
15 Gajdos Milan University of Zilina Managing Policy Interventions: Counterfactual analysis as a baseline for decision-making Yes No
16 Kukal Jaromír FNSPE CTU in Prague Estimation of Alpha Stable Distribution without Numerical Dificulties Yes Yes Yes
17 Žižka Miroslav Technical University of Liberec Effectiveness and Efficiency of Fast Train Lines in the Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
18 Nadirov Orkhan Tomas Bata University in Zlin Taxation and motivation to work in Czech Republic: Calibrations and numerical experiments Yes No
19 Hedvicakova Martina University of Hradec Kralove Mortgage banking Yes No
20 Mojzeš Matej FNSPE CTU in Prague Annealing Based Integer Optimization Heuristic with Lévy Flights Yes Yes Yes
21 Dlask Martin Czech Technical University in Prague Fractional Brownian Bridge as a Tool for Short Time Series Analysis Yes Yes Yes
22 Sixta Jaroslav University of Economics in Prague Possibilities of Regional Input-Output Analysis of Czech Economy Yes Yes Yes
23 Cejka Jiri Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice Optimization of distribution routes through the Clarke-Wright method Yes No
24 Pelikan Jan University of Economics Prague Heuristics for VRP with Private and Common Carriers Yes Yes Yes
25 Šnor Jakub FNSPE CTU in Prague Similarity of Stock Market Series Analyzed in Hilbert Space Yes Yes Yes
26 Hašková Simona Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice Evaluation of Project Investments Based on Comprehensive Risk Yes Yes Yes
27 Borovička Adam University of Economics in Prague Selection of the bank and investment products via stochastic multicriteria evaluation method Yes Yes Yes
28 Dvořák Marek University of Economics in Prague Data Extension for Stock Market Analysis Yes Yes Yes
29 Roubalová Lenka Mendel Univeristy in Brno The main inflationary factors in the Visegrad Four Yes Yes Yes
30 Zbranek Jaroslav University of Economics in Prague Using Semi-dynamic Input-Output Model for the Analysis of Large Investment Projects Yes Yes Yes
31 Kaspříková Nikola University of Economics in Prague Economic efficiency of AOQL variables sampling plans Yes Yes Yes
32 Bucki Robert Institute of Management and Information Technology Bielsko-Biala Information Support for Solving the Order Priority Problem in Business Logistic Systems Yes Yes Yes
33 Marek Patrice University of West Bohemia Efficient Distribution of Investment Capital Yes Yes Yes
34 Volf Petr Technical University of Liberec On Newsvendor Model and Optimal Selling Price Yes Yes Yes
35 Lysa Ludmila Catholic University in Ruzomberok Index of Economic Freedom in Slovakia Yes No
36 Ticha Michaela University of Economics in Prague Multicriteria coalitional game with choice from payoffs Yes Yes Yes
37 Nejedlová Dana Technical University of Liberec Prediction of Daily Traffic Accident Counts and Related Economic Damage in the Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
38 Rokita Pawel Wroclaw University of Economics Coherent measures of risk for a life-long household financial plan – postulates and properties Yes Yes Yes
39 Kresta Aleš Technical University of Ostrava Evaluation of market risk models: DEA approach with changed weights Yes Yes Yes
40 Ortobelli Sergio University of Bergamo Parametric rules for stochastic comparisons Yes Yes Yes
41 Dlouhy Martin University of Economics in Prague A Formulation and Application of Multicriteria Voting Game Yes Yes Yes
42 Kaňka Miloš University of Economics in Prague Linear combination of B-spline basis functions related to cut-off polynomials and vice versa Yes No
43 Formanek Tomas University of Economics in Prague On the stability of spatial econometric models: Application to the Czech Republic and its neighbors Yes Yes Yes
44 Zámková Martina College of Polytechnics Jihlava The evaluation of factors influencing flight delay at popular destinations of Czech tourists Yes Yes Yes
45 Tran Quang Van University of Economics in Prague Evaluating the ability to capture the heavy tail feature of asset returns of two alternative distributions Yes Yes Yes
46 Kouaissah Noureddine University of Bergamo Conditional expectation estimators with applications in the portfolio theory Yes Yes Yes
47 Cerny Michal University of Economics in Prague Estimation of EIV regression models via GLFP: An efficiently computable special case Yes Yes Yes
48 Dufek Jaroslav Charles University in Prague Joint Estimation of Parameters of Mortgage Portfolio and the Factor Process Yes No
49 Zimčík Petr Masaryk University Tax burden and economic growth in OECD countries: Two indicators comparison Yes Yes Yes
50 Šimpach Ondřej University of Economics in Prague Searching for suitable method for clustering the EU regions according to their agricultural characteristics Yes Yes Yes
51 Pechrova Marie Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information Valuation of the externalities from biogas stations Yes Yes Yes
52 Lachout Petr Charles University in Prague Discussion on implicit econometric models Yes Yes Yes
53 Siwek Joanna Poznan University of Economics Two-asset portfolio with present value given as a fuzzy number with a finite support Yes No Yes
54 Čížek Ondřej University of Economics in Prague Long-Term Effects of the Current Crisis on Output in the Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
55 Přibyl Vladimír University of Economics in Prague A Note on Economy of Scale Problem in Transport with Nonlinear Cost Function of Transported Quantity Yes Yes Yes
56 Černá Anna University of Economics in Prague A Note on Optimal Network of Tourist Paths Reflecting Customer Preferences Yes Yes Yes
57 Chramcov Bronislav Tomas Bata University in Zlín Model Based Control of Production Flows in the Serial Logistic Process Yes Yes Yes
58 Černá Dana Technical University of Liberec Adaptive Wavelet Method for the Black-Scholes Equation of European Options Yes Yes Yes
59 Dorda Michal Technical University of Ostrava On queueing model of freight train classification process Yes Yes Yes
60 Ramík Jaroslav Silesian University in Opava Strong Consistent Pairwise Comparisons Matrix with Fuzzy Elements and Its Use in Multi-Criteria Decision Making Yes Yes Yes
61 Koblasa František Technical University of Liberec Three dimensional Bin Packing Problem in batch scheduling Yes Yes Yes
62 Holčapek Michal University of Ostrava Nonparametric regression via higher degree
F-transform for implied volatility surface estimation
Yes Yes Yes
63 Bartošová Jitka University of Economics in Prague Equivalent Scale and its Influence on the Evaluation of Relative Welfare of the Household Yes Yes Yes
64 Hozman Jiří Technical University of Liberec DG approach to numerical pricing of local volatility basket options Yes Yes Yes
65 Krejčí Igor Czech University of Life Sciences Prague The simulation model of the Czech small farmer Yes Yes Yes
66 Branda Martin Charles University in Prague A chance constrained investment problem with portfolio variance and skewness criteria - solution technique based on the Successive Iterative Regularization Yes Yes Yes
67 Badura Ondřej Technical University of Ostrava Are remittances important for the aggregate consumption growth? Yes Yes Yes
68 Dlouhá Zuzana University of Economics in Prague Earnings effects of job and educational mismatch in the graduate labour market Yes Yes Yes
69 Szomolányi Karol University of Economics in Bratislava The Effect of Terms-of-Trade on Czech Business Cycles: A Theoretical and SVAR Approach Yes Yes Yes
70 Střelec Luboš Mendel University in Brno Notes on Robust Testing for Normality of Error Terms with Presence of Autocorrelation and Conditional Heteroscedasticity Yes No
71 Kvet Marek University of Žilina Lexicographic Fair Design of Robust Emergency Service System Yes Yes Yes
72 Janacek Jaroslav University of Žilina Designing a Robust Emergency Service System by Lagrangean Relaxation Yes Yes Yes
73 Matulová Markéta Masaryk University Tools for measuring competition in public services: Case study of waste management services in the CR Yes No
74 Lankašová Radka University of Economics in Prague Mediation As a Tool for Process Optimization No No
75 Podaras Athanasios Technical University of Liberec Optimum Classification Method of Critical IT Business Functions for Efficient Business Impact Analysis Yes Yes Yes
76 Ungerman Otakar Technical University of Liberec Options of Evaluation of Identification Questions in Marketing Research Yes No
77 Jajkowicz Ondřej Technical University of Ostrava Determinants of the shadow economy in the selected European Union member countries Yes Yes Yes
78 Súkupová Karolína Masaryk University Modelling of an asymmetric foreign exchange rate commitment in the Czech economy. DSGE model with constraints. Yes Yes Yes
79 Filka Jakub Charles University in Prague Projection of the mortality tables Yes No
80 Pozdílková Alena University of Pardubice Regression analysis of social networks and platforms for tablets in European Union Yes Yes Yes
81 Pozdílková Alena University of Pardubice Analysis of individual products of the Czech credit banking No No
82 Talašová Jana Palacký University Olomouc Registry of Artistic Performance - the final state of the evaluation model Yes Yes Yes
83 Stoklasa Jan Palacký University Olomouc On the use of linguistic labels in AHP – calibration, consistency and related issues Yes Yes Yes
84 Peško Štefan University of Žilina The treatment of uncertainty in uniform workload distribution problems Yes Yes Yes
85 Myšková Helena Technical University of Košice Interval matrix equations in extremal algebras Yes Yes Yes
86 Bartoška Jan Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Semantic Model of Organizational Project Structure Yes Yes Yes
87 Jablonsky Josef University of Economics in Prague Multi-period analysis of resource allocation among Czech economic faculties Yes Yes Yes
88 Zavacka Jana Technical University Ostrava The optimal strategy of the demand following firm during a business cycle Yes No
89 Sladký Karel Institute of Information Theory and Automation Transient and Average Markov Reward Chains with Applications to Finance Yes Yes Yes
90 Kaňková Vlasta Institute of Information Theory and Automation A Note on Optimal Value of Loans Yes Yes Yes
91 Echaust Krzysztof Poznan University of Economics and Business On the extremal dependence between stock and commodity markets Yes Yes Yes
92 Balcerzak Adam P. Nicolaus Copernicus University Dynamic Panel Analysis of Influence of Quality of Human Capital on Total Factor Productivity in Old European Union Countries Yes No
93 Fałdziński Marcin Nicolaus Copernicus University Cointegration of Interdependencies Among Capital Markets of Chosen Visegrad Countries and Germany Yes Yes Yes
94 Bisová Sára University of Economics in Prague Czech Tourism Demand Analysis – Causality Testing in VARs Yes No
95 Alfiero Simona University of Torino Efficiency from the Italian Saving Banks sector and the link with banking groups Yes Yes Yes
96 Adámek Emil Technical University Ostrava The Role of Productivity in the Czech Republic: Does Balassa-Samuelson Effect still Exist? Yes Yes Yes
97 Stoklasová Radmila Silesian University in Opava Basic Methods for Modeling the Spread of Influenza Yes No
98 Rotterová Pavla Palacký University Olomouc Computing Fuzzy Variances of Evaluations of Alternatives in Fuzzy Decision Matrices Yes Yes Yes
99 Pavelec Josef University of West Bohemia Pilsen Adaptive estimation of parameters of Markowitz model for portfolio optimization Yes Yes Yes
100 Vašaničová Petra University of Presov Co-movement of Tourism Activity of V4 countries Yes Yes Yes
101 Dvořáková Stanislava College of Polytechnics Jihlava Simulation of multi-parameter model of non-conventional public projects assessed by cost-benefit analysis Yes Yes Yes
102 Pietrzak Michał Nicolaus Copernicus University Socio-economic Sustainability in Poland. SEM Analysis at Regional Level Yes No
103 Sediva Blanka University of West Bohemia in Pilsen The Dynamic Behaviour of Wonderland Population—Development—Environment Model Yes Yes Yes
104 Friebel Ludvík University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice Modelling of efficiency of the districts based on socioeconomic factors Yes No
105 Schaynová Lucie University of Ostrava A client's health from the point of view of the nutrition adviser using operational research Yes Yes Yes
106 Rychnovský Michal University of Economics in Prague Data Mining in the Fraud Risk Management Yes No
107 Rozkovec Jiri Technical University of Liberec Posteriori setting of the weights in multi-criteria decision making in educational practice Yes Yes Yes
108 Nawrocki Tomasz Silesian University of Technology Comparison of an enterprise’s financial situation assessment methods. Fuzzy approach versus discriminatory models Yes Yes
109 Vorisek Jan The Czech Academy of Sciences Approximate Transition Density Estimation of the Stochastic Cusp Model Yes Yes Yes
110 Zeug-Żebro Katarzyna University of Economics in Katowice The application of chosen measurres of deterministic chaos to building optimal portfolios Yes Yes Yes
111 Cerna Lenka University of Zilina Income and price elasticity of demand for transport services in rail passenger transport in the Slovak republic Yes Yes Yes
112 Horský Richard University of Economics in Prague The Invertibility of the General Linear Process and the Structures in Its Background Yes Yes Yes
113 Pavlačka Ondřej Palacký University Olomouc Fuzzy Decision Matrices Viewed as Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems Yes Yes Yes
114 Schürrer Jaroslav Czech Technical University in Prague Wavelets Comparison at Hurst Exponent Estimation Yes Yes Yes
115 Pekár Juraj University of Economics in Bratislava Multiple criteria Travelling Salesman Problem Yes Yes Yes
116 Brůha Jan Czech National Bank Modelling effects of oil price fluctuations in a monetary DSGE model Yes Yes Yes
117 Bartoška Jan Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Modification of the EVM by Work Effort and Student Syndrome phenomenon Yes Yes Yes
118 Marek Lubos University of Economics in Prague Comparison of wages in the Czech regions Yes Yes Yes
119 Reichel Vlastimil Masaryk University The housing market and credit channel of monetary policy Yes Yes Yes
120 Zapletal Frantisek Technical University of Ostrava Decision of a Steel Company Trading with Emissions Yes Yes Yes
121 Vrabec Michal University of Economics in Prague Mixtures of probability distributions – comparison of methods Yes No
122 Kiszová Zuzana Silesian University in Opava Employee Selection – Case Study Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process Yes Yes Yes
123 Fendek Michal University of Economics in Bratislava Microeconomic Optimization Equilibrium Models of Demand and Supply for Network Industries Markets Yes Yes Yes
124 Talášek Tomáš Palacky University Olomouc The role of distance and similarity in Bonissone’s linguistic approximation method - a numerical study Yes Yes Yes
125 Fendekova Eleonora University of Economics in Bratislava Models of quantitative analysis of the competitive environment in the Slovak banking sector Yes Yes Yes
126 Szczeponková Lucie Technical University of Ostrava Finanční služby a malé a střední podniky v ČR No No
127 Franek Jiří Technical University of Ostrava Application of selecting measures in data envelopment analysis on company performance ranking Yes Yes Yes
128 Keshavarz Esmaiel Islamic Azad University A single-stage approach for selecting inputs/outputs in DEA Yes Yes Yes
129 Němec Daniel Masaryk University Wage rigidities and labour market performance in the Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
130 Kozel Petr Technical University of Ostrava The transformation of task to locate a minimal Hamiltonian circuit on the task to find the Eulerian path in solving the routing tasks Yes No
131 Hofman Jiří University of West Bohemia Detection of Feasible Domains of Interpolation Parameters within Generalized EOQ Type Inventory Models Yes Yes Yes
132 Lukáš Ladislav University of West Bohemia American Option Pricing Problem Formulated as Variational Inequality Problem Yes Yes Yes
133 Mičudová Kateřina University of West Bohemia Various Interest Rates Models Used within Real Options Valuation Tools Yes Yes Yes
134 Chytilová Lucie Technical University of Ostrava The Comparison of DEA and PROMETHEE method to evaluate the environmental efficiency of national steel sectors in Europe Yes Yes Yes
135 Čičková Zuzana University of Economics in Bratislava Capacited vehicle routing problem with time restriction using minimal number of vehicles Yes Yes Yes
136 Rajda-Tasior Angelina University of Economics in Katowice A simulation study of the correlation impact for the selected control charts Yes No
137 Mielcova Elena Univerzity in Opava Application of Coalitional Values on Real Voting Data Yes Yes Yes
138 Bukova Bibiana University of Zilina Determinants of EU transport market Yes No
139 Hendrych Radek Charles University in Prague On Comparing Various EWMA Model Estimators: Value at Risk Perspective Yes Yes Yes
140 Petrová Barbora Charles University in Prague Multidimensional stochastic dominance for discrete distribution Yes Yes Yes
141 Majer Tomáš University of Zilina Rescue System Resistance to Failures in a Transport Network Yes Yes Yes
142 Fiala Petr University of Economics in Prague Efficient project portfolio designing Yes Yes Yes
143 Kodera Jan University of Economics in Prague Deriving a discrete growth model with endogenous technological change Yes Yes Yes
144 Kotatkova Stranska Pavla University of Pardubice Sensitivity analysis of MACD indicator on selection of input periods combination Yes Yes Yes
145 Kapounek Svatopluk Mendel University in Brno Google Trends and Exchange Rate Movements: Evidence from Wavelet Analysis Yes Yes Yes
146 Molnárová Monika Technical University of Košice Possible and universal robustness of Monge fuzzy matrices Yes Yes Yes
147 Štichhauerová Eva Technical University of Liberec Optimization of the Transportation Plan with a Multicriterial Programming Method Yes Yes Yes
148 Beránková Vendula Technical University of Ostrava OCA Index: Results for the EU’s member states Yes Yes Yes
149 Berková Ilona University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice Recognition of spatial relationships of companies by local scaling Yes No
150 Beneš Oldřich Mendel University in Brno Evaluation of the destructive test in medical devices manufacturing Yes Yes Yes
151 Kučerová Zuzana Technical University of Ostrava The Role of Banking and Shadow Banking Sector in the Euro Area Yes Yes Yes
152 Baďo Peter Masaryk University Economic growth affected by government debt Yes No
153 Chocholata Michaela University of Economics in Bratislava Spatial Analysis of Regional Disparities in Slovak Districts Yes No
154 Konôpková Zlatica Masaryk University Fiscal wars: Small economy in monetary union Yes No
155 Palúch Stanislav University of Zilina Vehicle Scheduling with Roundabour Routes to Depot Yes Yes Yes
156 Hrebicek Jiri Masaryk University Solving Dynamic Economic Models with Maple Yes No
157 Pápai Adam Masaryk University Monetary Policy in an Economy with Frictional Labor Market - Case of Poland Yes Yes Yes
158 Surmanová Kvetoslava University of Economics in Bratislava Long-term unemployment in terms of regions of Slovakia Yes Yes Yes
159 Chribik Michal Masaryk University Predictive Ability of DSGE Model with Labour Market Frictions Yes No
160 Vybíralová Iva Technical University of Ostrava The Impact of Labor Taxation on the Economic Growth Yes Yes
161 Janackova Marta University of Zilina An importance of the population density for the location of the Emergency Medical Service stations Yes Yes Yes
162 Kotlánová Eva Silesian University in Opava Income Inequality in V4plus Countries at NUTS 2 Level Yes Yes Yes
163 Holý Vladimír University of Economics in Prague Impact of Microstructure Noise on Integrated Volatility Estimators: A Simulation Study Yes Yes Yes
164 Fatemi Salina Technical University of Ostrava An MADM-based method to evaluate the cargo insurance products Yes No
165 Holeček Pavel Palacký University in Olomouc A free software tool implementing the fuzzy AHP method Yes Yes Yes
166 Teichmann Dusan Technical University of Ostrava Staffing planning for projects with multi-skilled workers Yes No
167 Brozova Helena Czech University of Life Sciences Post-crisis development in the agricultural sector in the CR – Evidence by Malmquist index and its decomposition Yes Yes Yes
168 Hlavatý Robert Czech University of Life Sciences Robust Optimization Approach in Transportation Problem Yes No
169 Suchánek Petr Silesian University in Opava Application of the selected mathematical method for pricing of premium services in healthcare Yes No
170 Janák Josef Charles University Fractional Brownian motion and parameter estimation Yes Yes Yes
171 Vaňkátová Kristýna Palacký University in Olomouc Analysis of Income of EU Residents Using Finite Mixtures of Regression Models Yes Yes Yes
172 Tomanová Petra University of Economics in Prague Measuring Comovements by Univariate and Multivariate Regression Quantiles: Evidence from Europe Yes Yes Yes
173 Budaj Pavol Catholic University in Ruzomberok Specifies the use of Taguchi's loss function in industry and service sector Yes Yes Yes
174 Pápai Adam Masaryk University Simulation of a DSGE Model of the Slovak Economy with Different Monetary Policy Regimes in a Zero Lower Bound Environment Yes No
175 Malecka Marta University of Lodz Evaluation of Parametric ES Tests Yes Yes Yes
176 Gad Mahmoud Sohag University Optimization Problems on Attainable Sets of Systems of (max,min)-Linear Equations Yes Yes Yes
177 Koháni Michal University of Zilina Robust design of tariff zones in integrated transport systems Yes Yes Yes
178 Mastalerz-Kodzis Adrianna University of Economics in Katowice Dynamic and spatial analysis of economic and labour market characteristics in european countries Yes Yes Yes
179 Krištoufek Ladislav The Czech Academy of Sciences Capital market efficiency in the Ising model environment: Local and global effects Yes Yes Yes
180 Sokol Ondrej University of Economics in Prague Interval data and sample variance: How to prove polynomiality on random data? Yes Yes Yes
181 Kvasnička Michal Masaryk University Simulation framework for testing Piketty's predictions Yes Yes Yes
182 Vaitkevičius Sigitas Kaunas University of Technology The Use of Cluster Analysis for Development of Categorical Factors in Exploratory Study: Facts and Findings from the Field Research Yes Yes Yes
183 Kasem Edward Mendel Univeristy in Brno Mathematical Model for Sustainable Value Added Calculation Yes Yes Yes
184 Litavcová Eva University of Presov On modelling of macroeconomic context of current economic development Yes Yes Yes
185 Chytilová Lucie Technical University of Ostrava Banking efficiency in the Visegrad Group according to Data Envelopment Analysis Yes Yes Yes
186 Marek Jaroslav University of Pardubice Analysis in a time series of milk-yield production Yes Yes Yes
187 Skocdopolova Veronika University of Economics in Prague A Comparison of Integer Goal Programming Models for Timetabling Yes Yes Yes
188 Houda Michal University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice Stochastic Data Envelopment Analysis via Chance Constrained Optimization Yes No
189 Dluhoš Martin University of Economics in Bratislava Using portfolio theory in the second pension pillar in Slovakia - searching for efficent set of portfolios Yes No
190 Chvátalová Zuzana Brno University of Technology Optimization of Warehouse Inventory in Company Yes Yes
191 Kříž Radko University of Pardubice Finding Chaos in GDP and Its Prediction Yes No
192 Gavurova Beata Technical University of Kosice Quantification of amenable mortality in assessing health care system performance Yes Yes Yes
193 Polanecký Lukáš The Institute of Technology and Business Elementary application of ordinary differential equations in practice Yes No
194 Matějka Martin University of Economics in Prague Mixing Mortality Data Approach Using Czech Cohort Data Yes Yes Yes
195 Kopa Miloš Charles University Portfolio selection problem with the third-order stochastic dominance constraints Yes Yes Yes
196 Pośpiech Ewa University of Economics in Katowice Spatial modelling of selected economic characteristics Yes No
197 Warzecha Katarzyna University of Economics in Katowice The similarity of EU Countries in Terms of Acquiring The Energy from Renewable Sources Yes Yes Yes
198 Cechura Lukas Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Cost Flexibility of Czech Agricultural Producers Yes No
199 Buček Jakub Masaryk University Fiscal Policy for the 21st Century: Does #barackobama Effect the Real Economic Policy? Yes Yes Yes
200 Čekmeová Petra Masaryk University Labour Market Institutions and Total Factor Productivity. An Evidence in the European Union Yes Yes Yes
201 Fryd Lukas University of Economics in Prague Granger Causality in Macroeconomics Panel Data Yes Yes Yes
202 Perzina Radomir Silesian University in Opava Tool for Solving Multicriteria Decision Problems with Fuzzy Elements on Alo-Group Yes Yes Yes
203 Končiková Veronika Masaryk University China and EU as trade competitors: different methodological approaches Yes Yes Yes
204 Hanclova Jana Technical University of Ostrava A two-stage Data Envelopment Analysis Model with application to banking industry in the Visegrad Group Yes Yes Yes
205 Beranek Ladislav University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice Sentiment Prediction on E-commerce Sites Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory Yes Yes Yes
206 Draženská Emília Technical University of Košice On the crossing numbers of special graphs Yes No
207 Nowak Maciej University of Economics in Katowice Multiple Criteria Decision Making with Decision Trees and Real Options in Project Enviroment Yes No
208 Sukač Vojtěch Palacký University in Olomouc Soft consensus in decision-making model using partial goals method Yes Yes Yes
209 Vojáčková Hana College of Polytechnics Jihlava Data Envelopment Analysis Applied on the Potencial of the Tourism in Municipalities Yes No
210 Pančík Juraj College of Banking Modernisation of fatigue test machines and process optimization in an automotive components testing Yes No
211 Kuncova Martina University of Economics in Prague Cost Minimization and Electricity Consumption Growth in the Czech Households in Case of the New Conditions Yes Yes Yes
212 Kupkovič Patrik University of Economics in Bratislava The Analysis of Monetary and Fiscal Policy of Little Economics in Monetary Union No No
213 Říhová Pavla University of West Bohemia Research of the Impact of Events on Investors´ Expectations and the Share Price Development Yes No
214 Arabmaldar Aliasghar Technical university of Ostrava Ranking of efficiency score in DEA by using robust super-efficiency model Yes No
215 Rada Miroslav University of Economics in Prague Finite game with vector payoffs: how to determine weights and payoff bounds under linear scalarization Yes Yes Yes
218 Kocourek Aleš Technical university of Liberec Modelling of Regional Price Levels in the Districts of the Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
219 Vošvrda Miloslav The Czech Academy of Sciences Capital market efficiency in the Ising model environment: Local and global effects Yes Yes Yes
220 Jenčová Sylvia University of Presov On modelling of macroeconomic context of current economic development Yes Yes Yes

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List of passive participants

ID Participant name University Payment received
901 Vašíček Osvald Masaryk University Yes
902 Kapounek Svatopluk Mendel University in Brno Yes
903 Černá Lenka University of Zilina Yes
904 Ponicky Jan University of Zilina Yes
906 Šubrt Tomáš DSE FEM CULS Prague Yes
908 Ťoupal Tomáš University of West Bohemia Yes
909 Teichmann Dusan Technical University of Ostrava Yes
910 Graf Vojtech Technical University of Ostrava Yes
911 Plevný Miroslav University of West Bohemia
912 Rodrigues Márcio Vitor Tonhá Universidade Federal da Bahia Yes
913 Šimanová Jana Technical university of Liberec Yes
914 Finěk Václav Technical University of Liberec Yes
915 Gurinová Kateřina Technical University of Liberec Yes
916 Hovorková Valentová Vladimíra Technical University of Liberec Yes
917 Toloo Mehdi Technical University of Ostrava Yes
918 Haloun Tomáš Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Yes
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