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Czech Society for Operations Research Award

PhD students competition

Czech Society for Operations Research organizes competition for the best paper authored by PhD students presented on the conference Mathematical Methods in Economics 2016. All participants enrolled in PhD studies can participate in the competition (see also the Eligibility criteria below). This should be indicated during the abstract/paper submission via EasyChair by setting the submission category as “PhD students competition paper”. All papers will be peer-reviewed and the papers with positive referee reports will be further evaluated by the conference Programme Committee. The Programme Committee will select six best papers that will be presented at the conference in a special session. After the presentations, the Programme Committee will select three best papers.

Eligibility criteria

Only papers authored by a PhD student or a collective of PhD students are eligible for the PhD students competition. Papers authored or co-authored by a person that is not a PhD student will be disqualified from the competition and regarded as regular conference paper submissions.


  • First prize: Czech Society for Operations Research Award and 10000 CZK
  • Second prize: 5000 CZK
  • Third prize: 3000 CZK
  • Fourth, Fifth, Sixth prize: 1000 CZK

Competition ceremony with attendance of all the participants and the evaluators will take place on Thursday morning.

Competition papers

EasyChair ID Participant name University Tile of contribution
8 Buczek Aleksander Wrocław University of Science and Technology Modelling Legal Merger Time to Completion with Burr Regression
21 Dlask Martin Czech Technical University in Prague Fractional Brownian Bridge as a Tool for Short Time Series Analysis
25 Šnor Jakub FNSPE CTU in Prague Similarity of Stock Market Series Analyzed in Hilbert Space
46 Kouaissah Noureddine Università degli studi di Bergamo Optimal Portfolio Selection with Different Approximated Returns
77 Jajkowicz Ondřej Technical University of Ostrava Determinants of the shadow economy in the selected European Union member countries
96 Adámek Emil Technical University of Ostrava The Role of Productivity in the Czech Republic: Does Balassa-Samuelson Effect still Exist?
105 Schaynová Lucie University of Ostrava A client’s health from the point of view of the nutrition adviser using operational research
109 Vorisek Jan Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Approximate Transition Density Estimation of the Stochastic Cusp Model
114 Schürrer Jaroslav Czech Technical University in Prague Wavelets Comparison at Hurst Exponent Estimation
140 Petrová Barbora Charles University in Prague Multidimensional stochastic dominance for discrete distribution
148 Beránková Vendula Technical University of Ostrava OCA Index: Results for the EU’s member states
160 Vybíralová Iva Technical University of Ostrava The Impact of Labor Taxation on the Economic Growth
170 Janák Josef Charles University Fractional Brownian motion and parameter estimation
185 Chytilová Lucie Technical University of Ostrava Banking efficiency in the Visegrad Group according to Data Envelopment Analysis
199 Buček Jakub Masaryk University Fiscal Policy for the 21st Century: Does #barackobama Effect the Real Economic Policy?

Other papers originally submitted as a PhD students competition paper did not meet the eligibility criteria. Such papers were assigned the status of an ordinary conference paper.
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